[PS4 & PC]

StoneyKev82 (on the PS4) or Stoney (on the PC) can usually be found directing the ball right across his own goal, much to the dismay of Chrispy or Dinky who are kept on their toes with needless saves. Stoney is a big fan of the Aerial shot but cannot regularly pull this off with any kind of accuracy. An avid partaker in Mount-play and a 100% Rocket League addict.



Chrispy_182 plays for OnTheLine via the PS4 and it is actually his fault that any of us play at all. Chrispy introduced Rocket League to Stoney and the rest was history. Chrispy has an attacking play style and can often be relied upon to pull of the “Chrispy Special” extremely long goals right when they are needed. Cheers Chrispy!



DiamondGeeza88 plays for OnTheLine via the PS4 and was also introduced to Rocket League by Chrispy. Diamond is the founder of OnTheLine (and Mount-play in Rocket League) and isn’t satisfied unless there is a good clean mount completed with each of his team-mates every match. Diamond plays well in all roles and can be relied upon to rotate when required.



Chanman1308 plays for OnTheLine via the PS4 and was again introduced into the world of Rocket League by Chrispy. He has a lot to answer for that Chrispy. Chanman can be relied upon to follow the ball and provide some stunning passing play, but is always ready to take the shot when opportunity knocks. Also the inspiration for many a fit of laughter providing solid gold stream material!



DanPrebbs aka Dinky plays for OnTheLine via the PC (with Stoney). Dinky is a big fan of Angles in Rocket League and can often be found in a position from which scoring for most is an impossible task. A great team player. Skill not luck. Ez gg! Does not like a Stoney cross-goal defense at all! Another advocate of tears of joy before bedtime gameplay, long may the addiction continue.