RLCS Season 5 Registration Confirmed

Yes it’s true.. Team OTL will contest RLCS once again this season after two previously unsuccessful attempts in past seasons. The team feels it’s teamwork has improved overall and while the team aknowledges there are areas in which improvements can still be made, the team feels it has made much progress over the course of off-season play & practice. You’ll be able to view the forthcoming RLCS matches live on Twitch via OTLStreams (or wait a few months till Stoney get’s through the captured footage and puts up a video on youtube).

The first RLCS outing for the OTL Team this season is Sunday 18th February 2018. We’ve no idea what bracket we are in, what wave the bracket is in, what time we will play or who we will be playing. As organised as ever, but when RLCS rolls around, thankfullly it’s not our fault.

Bring it on!

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