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Hey All,

Firstly let me take the opportunity to welcome you to the website. Just to let you know, over the next couple of months you’ll be seeing some fresh video content here! Aside from the as-they-happen Streams that usually appear, once every THREE days we will drop a brand new video featuring the life and times of OnTheLine wherever we are active. So there will be a selection of videos from the PS4 and from the PC also.

Hope you get as much enjoyment out of viewing them as I did playing then reliving while making them. Some genuine laugh-out-loud moments in there, believe me! There’s more coming from the website soon also including our experiences at RLCS in the new season which starts very soon, Player Profiles & Interviews, Important guides as to how to perfect the trademarked.. Mount. Tips and Tricks brought to you in the unique OnTheLine style and much more. Stay tuned.


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